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Retiring Democrat Representative CAUGHT Laundering $430K Budget Funds!


I can’t believe we live in a world now where this obvious directive needed to be said, but recent events in Florida prove that it did.

While I hope your officers never have to put these directives into practice, I wish I lived in the Dallas Fort-Worth knowing that our police force is committed to responding appropriately in the face of the unthinkable. Thank you all for your service.

SOUND OFF in the comment secIn the wake of Al Franken’s resignation, another Liberal Representative turned out to be crooked.

It is a clear indicator showing that no matter who it is, it is a Democrat Representative you can freely suspect him for criminal or illegal activities.

This is huge.

As more and more Representatives are caught guilty of various crimes, Rep. Luis Gutierrez has been funneling campaign money on his wife’s name lying that she is an office manager. Now, he will no longer be able to pay his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars from campaign funds once he officially departs from Congress.

According to our source, USA Politics Today, Soraida Gutierrez, has collected more than $430.000 from Gutierrez for Congress, Luis’ campaign committee, since 2010. Soraida, who was a registered lobbyist in Illinois prior to appearing on the campaign’s payroll, has been listed as the campaign’s office manager, fundraiser and treasurer for the past seven years.tion on what you thought about Murphree’s stand against Israel.

Gutierrez’s campaign committee has reported $77.838.69 in operating expenditures from January, to the end of September. Soraida has received seven checks for $6.000 each, or $42.000 total, during this time, which means that she collected more than a half of his campaign’s disbursements.

This tells a lot about the corruption and illegal activities among the Democrat Representatives that has spread like a virus during the presidency of Barack Obama. He helped them to achieve their corrupted plans and ruin our country. But President Donald Trump and his administration are working hard to fix all these problems they caused.

We can see how crooked they really are and how deeply they are connected to one another. It is no wonder why they were backing each other so much. They are all in this together and they are going down together.

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