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Joy Behar Insults Donald Trump, Wasn’t Expecting What Happened Just Seconds Later


The ABC talk show “The View” is probably one of the most liberal echo chambers on cable television.

That’s why, the talk host Joy Behar thought that she could insult President Donald Trump as much as she wants.

But, she did not saw what was coming for her. Completely unexpected.

For an unknown reason, the women of “The View” fancy themselves political aficionados of sorts, and none more so than 74-year old Joy Behar, who decided to embark on a misguided rant about President Donald Trump on Fox News. She said that President Donald Trump appears on Fox News, because they are “on his level,” as she and her colleagues criticized the cable network.

According to our source, Mad World News, Behar and her co-hosts discussed President Donald Trump’s allegations that the Obama Administration wiretapped him, when they shortly after turned to discuss the validity of Fox News.

“That’s why Trump goes to Fox, because they’re on his level,” she said. “Sean Hannity is in his pocket.”

“Do you know how many people watch Fox News in this country?” Jedediah Bila, a former Fox News contributor, came to her old employer’s defense. “There’s a lot of people who watch that, and there’s a lot of people that voted for Donald Trump that feel that represents their view.”

“And they’re happy that’s represented in the news somewhere, even if it’s in the opinion section,” she continued.

“Just don’t represent it as a fact,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

Even though the show was created in 1997 by veteran journalist Barbara Walters and the hosts seem to fancy themselves as experts, “The View” is far from fact-based. Even the description of the show itself says that “each host offers her take on the day’s news during the opening ‘Hot Topics’ segment.”

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