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Custodian Inflicts RUTHLESS Karma On Kids Who Walked Out Yesterday – Won’t Be Seeing Her Again!


Since the tragic shooting in Parkland, FL, a month ago the gun control debate has been fierce as people on both sides of the issue fight it out to have their voice heard. Proponents of gun control are doing their best to push for more gun legislation in the country and have now employed the efforts of the youth to spread their agenda.

So, yesterday, thousands of teenagers across the country participated in a National Walkout event aimed at protesting what they perceive as inaction from the Federal government to ban weapons.

However, while these impressionable youths were marching out of their classrooms to demonstrate one custodian from the South Carolina high school inflicted ruthless karma on these protesters that they won’t soon forget.

There is a reason that young people need to attend to school and it is not for their social calendar. The fact of the matter is kids need to be educated on issues so that they can make informed decisions once they become adults based on critical thinking skills and common sense.

However, over the years, public schooling has become more or less breeding grounds for the leftist agenda as the younger generation is taught revisionist history and grades are now given based on feelings and less on merit. Since that has occurred, the younger generation has become easily manipulated to focus more on social issues that in turn influence public policy in our nation.

After the latest school shooting in South Florida, thousands of teens decided with the help of Democrat leaders to plan a mass walkout from their classrooms to protest gun violence. School administrators and teachers seemed to welcome these demonstrations and even helped organize them for maximum impact instead of discouraging and punishing the rabble-rousers.

However, karma has a funny way of coming back and making sure an evil deed does not go unnoticed as students in South Carolina just learned.

Aisha Evans, 32, a custodian at Richland Northeast High School was caught stealing money from numerous kids who participated in their school walkout.

While dozens of teenagers walked out of their South Carolina high school on Wednesday, Evans walked into their classrooms and began to rummage through their belongings that they left behind.

According to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department Evans stole from three different students and was caught in possession of close to $2oo that she had taken from the student’s backpacks.

Here is more from WISTV: “The Richland County Sheriff’s Department announced the arrest of a school custodian for stealing money from students during the National Walkout Day event on Wednesday, March 14.

Aisha Evans, 32, is a custodian at Richland Northeast High School and has been charged with three counts of petty larceny.

During the student walkout, Evans stole money from three different victims.

As the students were outside of the building, Evans went through the students’ book bags left behind in the classroom and stole a total of $180 in cash, according to RCSD Sheriff Leon Lott.

Richland School District Two released a written statement on Thursday, March 15 saying that Evans no longer works for the custodial service company used by the school.

“Evans was employed by Service Solutions. Richland School District Two contracts with Service Solutions to provide custodial services at schools and offices in the district,” Richland Two Spokesperson Libby Roof said.

“On Thursday, March 15, Service Solutions notified Richland Two that Evans is no longer an employee with the company and was informed that she cannot come on any Richland Two property.”

After an investigation by the School Resource Officer and RCSD, Evans was charged and transported to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.”

Don’t think that this sort of behavior from this custodian is applauded by any means, but you can’t help but find the irony in the situation.

Kids across the country stomped out of their classrooms which they should have been punished for if it was any other time in our nation’s history, but since we are in the age of social justice warriors and little to no consequences these teens were allowed to turn their nose up at authority.

However, the universe has a funny way of balancing the scales which these teens learned as the custodian stole from them which may have never happened if they stayed in class. The custodian is facing stiff punishment for her crimes and the teens may think twice before they leave their belongings behind in their next demonstration during school hours.

Anytime the building is cleared of all students and their belongings are left behind, there’s always the chance that someone could take advantage of the kids and rob them.


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