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Remember The 13 Russians That Mueller Indicted? They Were Granted Visas By The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!


Since Mueller’s indictments on Friday, we have learned the following fact that the liberal media cannot dispute:

There was no American who participated in any collusion. Period. Mueller’s team have plainly admitted that.

So what does that mean? It means that Trump is 100% cleared, and so is his entire team!

We have also just learned that the 13 Russians who were indicted were granted granted Visas back in 2014.  That means the Visas were approved (a) before Trump was even a candidate, (b) under John Kerry’s State Department, and (c) under the Obama Administration.


Here’s what reporter Nick Short pointed out in the indictment:

So much for Trump-Russia Collusion.  I’d say that’s as dead as dead can be!  Stick a fork in it, it’s over!

Here’s even more, from The Gateway Pundit:

After sixteen months of investigations and over a year-and-a-half of the FBI and Obama administration spying on Donald Trump, his family, his business, his campaign, his transition team and his administration — Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped an absolute nothing-burger today in announcing charges against Russian operatives who sullied the US election process.

The Mueller Special Counsel has yet to look at Saudi donations to Hillary Clinton or Clinton campaign collusion with Russia.

The Mueller Special Counsel has yet to look at the “hacked” DNC servers or have not attempted to contact Julian Assange from Wikileaks.

The indictment today contained the same Russian Facebook ads that were released in November 2017 by the House Intelligence Committee.

Mueller and Democrats want you to believe these Russian Facebook ads flipped the election to Donald Trump.

But at least half of the ads are pro-Hillary.

And Russia claims half of their paid ads ran after the election and 25% never ran at all.

Facebook announced previously the Russian ads comprised .004% of their advertising during the election.

John Nolte of Breitbart broke down this entire story in an insightful twitter thread:

So why is the media claiming victory when these Mueller indictments actually prove that Trump is innocent?


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